Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Rectangle Ponchos

Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet - Rectangle Ponchos
Garter fringe knit poncho| free pattern available here
Crochet stripe poncho| free pattern available here
At this time of year I feel like cocooning and binging on T.V.programmes I missed or sporadically watched.
Case in point, "Mad Men" and now "Downton Abby". It's great to watch each season as one big movie. What a treat!
Of course that doesn't interfere with my knitting or crochet but it's always better to have extremely easy projects.
As you get involved, patterns get mixed and before you know it you are ripping back a few rows.
The featured pattern in this post is perfect - 2 rectangles to knit and/or crochet, a good way to even practise new stitch patterns.
There's not much pattern here to think about, thankfully. So get out all the odds and ends or take advantage of the great sales on yarn and start creating!
Cream texture with large collar | free pattern available here
Striped texture with buttons | free pattern available here
Cables with ridge texture | free pattern available here
Soft textures with cowl| free pattern available here
Bright stripe texture| free video tutorial available here
Vintage-colored granny squares | free pattern for granny square available here
V-striped texture | free pattern available here
Solid granny squares| free video tutorial available below
Video Tutorial | How to Crochet Solid Color Granny Square
Video Tutorial | How to Crochet Multi-Color Granny Square
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ponchos and capelets
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Happy Knitting!

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