Needlecrafts - Knit, Contrast Color Capelet

Needlecrafts - Knit, Contrasting capelet
There's still plenty of time to make quick gifts for the holidays, especially if they are as attractive as this contrast band capelet I spotted at Free People.
Bulky yarn makes it a very quick weekend project and if you have been stuck indoors due to the horrible weather some have experienced, it's a great way to get something knit while watching favourite holiday movies.
Basically a rectangle in an easy knit and purl rice stitch pattern, work two decrease rows, overlap neckband, stitch into place and voila, a capelet.
If you want to make it even easier, instead of two colors, knit the capelet in a bulky tweed or marled yarn.
A gift that will definitely be appreciated and worn with pride.

Read further for free pattern instructions, ideal for introducing knitters to an easy project. Helpful videos explain how to work the rice stitch pattern, decrease stitches easily and change color in the middle of a row.
Finally, to all my sisters-in-law, I want one, maybe in black and grey!
Video Tutorials
Tutorial | Simple Seed Stitch Pattern
Tutorial | How to Work a Simple Decrease
Tutorial | How to Work a Simple Decrease
Tutorial | How to Change Colors in Middle of Row
Happy Knitting!

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