Needlecrafts - S/S 2014 Trend - Fringe Benefits

Needlecrafts - S/S 2014 Trend - Fringe Benefits
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Here we are, into the first few days of the winter season and already I'm talking about a trend featured for next spring.
Well, here's a reality check, fringes are not new. Trends are recycled and repackaged.
Some hang around for quite a few seasons and others, mercifully, die a quick death.
Ordinary fringes on the bottom of a scarf are boring, been there done that.
Now, leather or suede fringes on a knitted garment is interesting creating a boho vibe that is currently so popular.
Think tufts of fringes here and there, not necessarily in even lines.
Starting with a plain, flat base mix textures using bouclé, sheer tape, eyelash and metallic fringe.
This mix creates excitement in the design, much like mixing patterns or colour blocking.
A thick roving yarn randomly knotted on the shoulders lends a dishevelled, military feel simulating epaulettes.
The design possibilities are endless as are the types of fringe patterns and materials to make them.

Read on and be inspired by designs featuring different ideas for fringes and how to use them. For crocheters there are several novel patterns to try.


Needlework - Knit, Cowl Neck Scarves

Needlecrafts - Knit - Cowl Neck or Infinity Scarves
Images - Cowlgirls by Cathy Carron | purchase here at the Vogue Knitting store
Nothing looks or feels more cosy than a soft scarf wrapped around your neck, especially when the winds of late autumn are becoming more chilly.
Cowl neck scarves, neck warmers, circle or infinity scarves, whatever you call them, they keep the cold at a distance.
Wrapped around your neck once or double wrapped, they are accessories adding colour and texture to your jacket, coat or sweater.
The rectangles are easy to knit with edges that can be sewn together making a closed circle or zippered, buttoned and laced together for more flexibility.
The book featured above is filled with creative ideas, a lovely addition to any knitter's library, a great gift idea for that special knitter.

Read on and be inspired by designs featuring different ideas for stitch patterns and closures, how to determine size and 4 free patterns to get started making your chill chaser.


DIY Design - Handmade Gifts

DIY Design - Handmade Gifts
Finding treasures to give as gifts is truly enjoyable. Shopping for me is always enjoyable but shopping for ideas is truly inspiring and exciting.
You never know when you'll hit upon a creative nugget, so a handy notepad and pen is always good, especially if it's not easy to take a quick picture.
Shopping online, however, is nirvana as the whole world of ideas opens up with inspiration at every click.
Shelter magazines, home décor stores and of course, my favourite place to graze, I mean gaze, Pinterest.
The hunt is always for those unique ideas that can be translated into a fabulous DIY project.
Handmade gifts, ones that are made with care and love are the best.
Many times you can run out and get a gift that's cheaper, but not better.
The trend points to handcrafted items so why not give the real deal this holiday season.


Design Files - Jewelrymaking, My Designs

Design Files - My Jewelry Designs
Just over a year ago I began this blog and over the course of the year the look and the feel has evolved. In the beginning you want to write about and highlight every interest you have, posting as often as you can.
Here is the first post I wrote describing and illustrating my jewelry.
Unfortunately, with my varied and different interests, you begin to burn out by trying to cover all the topics. At last I think I've hit a balance and thoroughly enjoy curating what the web has to offer in the way of needlework ideas and building on that.
Another deep passion I've had just about all my life is making jewelry, from friendship bracelets to metalwork. I've run the gamut of making jewelry for friends and hosting jewelry parties. Sadly, like any handmade creation, unless you have gone through the process, you do not realize just how much work is involved.
Jewelry can be anything you wear for adornment. I've worked with all different mediums, love them all and continue to make and remake pieces when the desire and inspiration hits.
What is particularly effective is adding vintage parts I've collected to the mix. Plastic, glass, semi-precious stones, yarn; it's all good!