Needlecrafts - Knit, Wide Rib Pullover

Needlecrafts - Knit the Basics, Wide Rib Pullover
Image | Phildar
Note: This has been adapted from a Phildar pattern originally featured in a bulky weight yarn.
Let's face it, the garments we most often reach for are the ones that are easy to dress up or down.
As much as I like simplicity, there has to be a design element or feature that takes the garment from ordinary to extroardinary.
Wide rib detail on this basic, simple garment visually makes the garment a winner in any yarn.
Several trends really stand out this season. Neon is one that is huge. Store windows are filled with every type of style imaginable, but a little goes a long way.
Why not knit the rib edges in neon and the rest in white or pale grey.
The same can be said for black and white. Possibly just the sleeve ribs in white and the garment in black.
Tweaking is all it takes. Basically speaking, this is definitely a keeper for your library.

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DIY - Restyle, Classic White Shirts

Needlecrafts - Restyle, White Shirts
Images 1,2,3 | pixiemarket.com
Image 4 | Paul Smith S/S 2013
A crisp, classic white shirt is a staple in any wardrobe and you probably own more than one. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect white shirt.
Unfortunately, this same, classic shirt can appear like you are wearing part of a uniform, in other words no personality.
Create subtle texture with white on white. Lace appliqués, pearl embellishment on collars or sheer cutouts provide texture, especially when the whites vary.
Contrast can be dramatic and glamourous as shown in the silver combination or country casual with print or frayed denim fabric.
Have fun and add t-shirt sleeves, an example of stripes in contrast to the shirt also provides a difference in textures.
In the end, you design something unique and are recycling used clothing. That is a good thing.

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Needlecrafts - Knit, Ribbed Top with Yoke

Needlecrafts - Knit the Basics, Ribbed Sleeveless Top with Yoke
Image |ONline Knitting Magazine
Note: this pattern has been adapted from a pattern featured in ONline knitting magazine '07
When choosing a pattern to knit or crochet, there's always that question in my mind, will it be easy to dress up or down? Is it an all-season pattern?
So many stylish, beautiful sweaters are available at reasonable prices that my choice to make a garment has to be classic, but definitely not boring.
The classic and easy pattern above will be one that can be worn in summer either in a fresh white with a white lurex blend for the yoke or in winter in a marl over a plaid shirt .
The idea of being able to slip on a jacket over the top to dress it up or slip it over a tshirt for weekend wear appeals to me.
Hopefully this versatile pattern will appeal to you as well.

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Needlecrafts-Crochet, Hairpin Lace

Needlecrafts - Zip It
Large image | Trico & Crochê Magazine
Inset Image | Zara
Hairpin lace and broomstick lace always made me think of antiquated crafts, like tatting.
Our fascination with vintage has definitely breathed new life into outdated crafts, all with a modern twist.
The appeal of all things artisinal and handmade has opened up the floodgates.
Everything that is old is new again which brings me back to the craft of hairpin lace.
After reading several tutorials and watching videos, I realized how easy this craft was and how wonderful the result when combined with traditional crochet stitches.
Work your way from a simple scarf to a more complex top.
Included is a hairpin look-alike using simple crochet stitches.
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Needlecrafts - Crochet Yokes

Needlecrafts - Crochet Yokes
Purchase pattern for this yoke | here
Plain t-shirts are useful, but t-shirts that are embellished or transformed somehow make me want to wear them. Crochet yokes can really enhance a boring t-shirt with colour and texture, on trend with yarn and fabric combinations.
An alternative to a fixed yoke is the featured design above, a yoke collar you throw on top like a scarf, one of my favourite accessories.
A good stash buster, yoke designs use small amounts of yarn, are small projects, and therefore quick to finish. A stylish way to freshen up your wardrobe.

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Needlecrafts - Knit, Shrug Overtop Vest

Needlecrafts - Knit the Basics, Shrug Overtop Vest
Image | Benissimo Knitting Magazine
Note: this pattern has been adapted from a pattern featured in Benissimo Magazine 2012
In my opinion, you can never have too many shrugs. That's my "knitting philosophy" and I'm sticking to it.
There were a couple of interesting features that caught my eye when I first came across this shrug design.
Easy front and side ribs bring the garment in slightly allowing the garment to have some shape but the look still remained comfy and casual.
Sewing the front ribs together was another idea that appealed to me. Overtops or vests work well in all seasons and in all types of yarns.
The stitch pattern suggested and featured above is one line of pattern and is included with the pattern instructions.
These tops can be casual over a shirt or sweater in a tweedy yarn or evening glamorous in sparkly silk, lurex or angora.
Trying different ribs or creating a colourwork design, either nordic or floral for the top side which folds to the front.
If sewing the edges does not appeal to you, you can sew buttons and make loops at the front.
Let this pattern be your basic for future design inspirations. I know I will.

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Needlecrafts-Crochet, ChainBags

Needlecrafts - Crochet, CahinBags
All images | stylebistro.com
Chain detail adds edge to any fashion accessory. Jewelry has been a good example of this trend.
Necklaces, bracelets and earrings have featured multi-strand chain detail as well as wrapping the chain with colour and texture.
An outfit can be quite simple and tailored but when you add a bit of "heavy metal", you are instantly stylish.
Boots outfitted with chains evoke biker chic, an interesting contrast to more feminine fashions.
For Fall 2013, designers have fallen in love with chain embellishment on bags.
Chains, from straps to trim, are much more varied and can be quite subtle.
Laura Biagiotti has featured beautiful bags that any crocheter can make for fall.
Chains are added as edging to traditional crossbody designs and can be embellished even further with sparkle appliqué work.

Read further for tutorials in wrapping and crocheting around chains and a schematic for a traditional crossbody bag.


Needlecrafts - Knitting the Basic Cardigan

Needlecrafts - Knit the Basics, Cap Sleeve Cardi
Image | Phildar
A simple, yet stylish cardigan is another basic garment pattern that's a must for your library, good to go in any season.
A cardigan is a soft alternative to a structured jacket, an ideal backdrop for accessories, such as scarves and statement jewelry .
The featured pattern, like the basic cap-sleeved top, lends itself to many different looks.
One of the four different possibilities rendered for this design is a modified military style, complete with "epaulette" tabs on the shoulders.
Also, like the basic cap-sleeved top, you are knitting the body in one piece. You can't get any easier than that.
Choosing different stitch patterns also differentiates the garment parts. Garter panels in the middle and an easy textured stitch on the sides.
If you are a crocheter, finishing all the edges with a scalloped edge gives the garment a romantic finish.
You will love this pattern because the possibilities are endless.

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