Needlecrafts - Knit, Patchwork Scarves

Needlecrafts - Knit, Patchwork Scarves
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New stitches can be exciting to try and master! I remember all too well when I began knitting all the texture stitches calling to me, "Try me! No! Try me!"
What I wanted to try were the cables, even the easiest ones intimidated me in the beginning.
All that putting stitches onto a cable needle, losing them while knitting from behind. Yikes! It was a bit frustrating until I got the hang of it.
Constantly making swatches gave me the confidence to try more unusual stitches and master them.
Fashion, at the moment, loves patchwork which brings me to the topic of swatches.
What better way to practise your knitting than to get a few odd balls of yarn, make rectangles and sew them together for a fashionable scarf.

Read further for more inspiration and how to make a hooded scarf.


DIY Fashion - Boho Style Scarves

DIY Fashion-BohoScarves
It's safe to say that scarves can be the most hard working and decorative accessory you own!
They provide colour, fill in spaces you may want to hide, add texture and pattern, totally upgrading a basic outfit into something special.
Scarves can fill in for jewelry, which I've done on more than one occasion, especially when travelling.
What's really wonderful are all the easy DIY ideas available. In most instances a minimum of effort and cash and you have a fabulous fashion statement . Read further for more inspiration and tutorials on making that special scarf .


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Quick & Easy Slippers

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Quick and Easy Slippers
Sometimes a lovely gesture warrants a small gift, nothing too elaborate but something that is attractive, wearable and shows you appreciated a friend's or family member's kindness.
There are times when crocheted slippers make an ideal gift.
Perhaps an invitation to the cottage. You can never have too many slippers.
This is something I am very familiar with. The McGuire family "get togethers" are large and not everyone thinks to bring slippers or indoor shoes to slip on when the weather outside is wet and muddy.
There are many styles available that you can make from the simple ballet slipper to
the full blown "ugg-style" bootie.
An interesting way to attach a felt sole is also included should you wish a stiffer and sturdier sole.
Read about several ways to make your slippers nonslip .
Read further for more inspiration, instructions for different styles of your next slipper project.


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Teaming with Texture

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Teaming with Texture
Image | Schachenmayr Brazilia Color
Clashing of textures has been showing up in knitwear as a key component in the design of the garment.
Whether the texture is created with exaggerated surface stitches, different weights of yarn or simply by mixing exotic yarns with plainer, smooth ones, the result is dramatic.
A simple, uncomplicated pattern is all you need as the texture and mix of yarns create visual excitement.
Being economical, for the most part, is something I try to practise. Cleaning out the fridge when making soup or stew gives the soup body, makes it flavourful and pretty much can't be repeated.
Yarn stashes can be the same. My particular habit is buying a ball or two of an interesting yarn, preferably on sale to try it out.
Needless to say, this "trying out" never happens and my collection of odd balls keeps growing.
The inspiration images show that texture clashes, a more fashionable term for scrap knitting or crochet really means "anything goes". In fashion, designers are mixing prints and textures.
The best and safest approach is to put families of colours together or combinations that are compatible.
Find inspiration for interesting colour combinations at ColourLovers , a community dealing with all aspects of colour.
Read further for more inspiration, instructions for a simple pattern worked sideways and ways to make a unique version.


Needlecrafts - Knit, Fit and Flare

Needlecrafts - Knit, Fit and Flare
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Peplums, handkerchief hems, flared hems, trapezoid shapes are so appealing because they flow or skim over curves rather than constrict or hug them.
In my closet are a few go-to pieces that I wear when I've overindulged for a period of time. Not only do I appear more confident, but I also feel more comfortable.
When I ran across this pullover by Sacai Luck at an online store, I knew it was a winner.
Sure enough, this style was sold out at a number of other online stores even though it was very expensive (by my standards) - $525.00 to be exact .
Taking a closer look at the sweater I realized what made the style so fresh and modern were the exaggerated gore panels.
Gussets, godets and gores are used to create fullness or flare and therefore, a better fit for certain body shapes.

Read further for examples of what each of these terms mean, how they are used and free patterns that feature these styling tricks.