Needlecrafts - Knit, Fit and Flare

Needlecrafts - Knit, Fit and Flare
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Peplums, handkerchief hems, flared hems, trapezoid shapes are so appealing because they flow or skim over curves rather than constrict or hug them.
In my closet are a few go-to pieces that I wear when I've overindulged for a period of time. Not only do I appear more confident, but I also feel more comfortable.
When I ran across this pullover by Sacai Luck at an online store, I knew it was a winner.
Sure enough, this style was sold out at a number of other online stores even though it was very expensive (by my standards) - $525.00 to be exact .
Taking a closer look at the sweater I realized what made the style so fresh and modern were the exaggerated gore panels.
Gussets, godets and gores are used to create fullness or flare and therefore, a better fit for certain body shapes.

Read further for examples of what each of these terms mean, how they are used and free patterns that feature these styling tricks.
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The design featured here skims over the body in an a-line shape not in a boxy shape.
Garments that are designed with the same width from hem to underarm do not provide the shaping that most women need to accent waists and chest areas.
The small triangles created in this design provide ease for the hips and upper arm area.
This trick can be used in any pattern and the triangular gores or godets can be small "frills" or longer and more accented as in the inspiration design.
On several occasions I have received emails requesting larger sizes to be included in patterns I've adapted for a post.
A loose straightforward pattern can be successfully written in larger sizes. Unfortunately in other cases the resulting proportion will not be right.
In order to create allowances for certain parts of the body such as hips or tops of arms, shaping triangular gores or godets are better suited for these problem areas.
The book featured here is an excellent book for your library, answering questions and providing solutions if pattern sizing is a problem.
Side Insert | free pattern here
Cable Shaping | free pattern here
Rib Shaping | free pattern here
Simple Decreases | free pattern here
Happy Knitting!

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