Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Spring Vests

Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet - SpringVests
Circle vest, step by step tutorial | beacrofter.com
Right now the spring weather is teasing us with a warm day here and there.
When the warmer weather finally comes, a sleeveless vest will be just the right garment to wear over a t shirt or blouse.
Blazers can be cumbersome, but you still want to look pulled together whether it's for work or a casual weekend.
Here are 9 very easy patterns to try - 4 for the knitter and 5 for the crocheter, one being the very fashionable circle vest.
Beginners as well as seasoned crafters will love these projects as they are quick to make and a great way for beginners to practise.
So spring into knitting and crocheting these fabulous vests.
Happy Knitting and Crocheting!


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Scarf to Poncho

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Scarf to Poncho
Inspirational image | Pinterest
Every Tues evening, my sister-in-law and I get together to knit, crochet and watch "The Voice".
Josie has just begun to knit again so simple stitch patterns are her preference along with simple squares and rectangles.
Whenever I come across an easy and stylish garment made essentially from a rectangle, I'm on board.
Simple shrugs, a simple pattern featured in a past post seems to appeal to her right now, another easy pattern made from a large rectangle. The poncho featured in this post will definitely prove to be just as popular. A great spring cover-up, both crocheters and knitters will want to add this one onto their "To do" list.
This pattern will certainly carry you through the different seasons right from fall/winter to spring/summer. The only hardship will be picking a yarn. Read further for step by step stitch tutorials and schematics for this easy pattern.


Needlecrafts - Knit, Crossover Shawl

Needlecrafts - Knit - Crossover Shawl
Inspirational image | Felice knitting magazine
Not really a shawl or what we consider a shrug, I was quite fascinated the first time I saw this style on a colleague. The idea was to keep the body warm without restricting movement.
What is essentially a scarf wrapped around the neck, criss-crossed around the chest and then somehow attached around your back, I was hooked by the simplicity.
Any scarf that is not too narrow or too wide and is long enough to wrap around your body is ideal.
There are different ideas for closures, buttons being the easiest.
Beginners will love this project as it is a great way to practise making cables.
Meant to be worn either alone as a chill chaser or wrapped around a light jacket for added warmth, this crossover shawl is practical and easy. Read further for knit instructions for two different weights of yarn, tutorials for different buttonholes and how to space buttonholes.


DIY - Restyle, Leather Cuffs

DIY Restyle - Leather Cuffs
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For this spring and summer boho seems to be a major influence in fashion. The 70's vibe will permeate our senses and influence our wardrobe choices. For most of us, small accents in accessories will give us the idea of boho, not the head to toe look that will inspire a whole new look for young girls.
Earrings, bracelets, scarves with fringe can add that "hippy delight" to any classic top or dress.
Stacking, layering and wrapping together thinner cuffs can create a fun statement-making look with color and texture. Recycling leather belts or found leather in jackets can provide the basics for your cuffs and bracelets.
Adding beads, studs and vintage pieces of jewelry will help you to create a truly unique piece or pieces. Read further for tutorials and different ways to learn how to work with recycled belts and found leather. Since the projects work up quickly, you want to make some for gifts.