Needlecrafts - Crochet, Basics for the Wee One

Needlecrafts-Crochet,basics for the Wee One
Adorable classics! Make them in fun brights or traditional neutrals.
Every prince or princess can have these charming, easy and quick-to-crochet basics, from booties to hoodies.
Ideal patterns for the mom who is learning to crochet or for more experienced knitters that love to crochet "wee" fashions.
Free Patterns
Left Side - Top to Bottom:
1. In the Hoodie simple, no-fuss buttoned jacket with hood .
2. Cool Dude slouch hat for stylish babes.
3. Wee Vest sleeveless hoodie, ideal for cool spring days.
Right Side - Top to Bottom:
5. Casual Booties quick to crochet in many colours.
6. Bright Stripes easy cardi to make in colourful stripes or classic solid.
7. Tiny Bobbles a cardi too cute and hard to resist.
Happy Crocheting!


DIY - Fashion, Fringe Necklaces

DIY-Fashion, Fringe Necklaces
Main inspirational image | Missoni Spring Summer 2014
Spring and summer is the perfect time for all those hand crafted neckpieces.
Fashion, at the moment is fringe obsessed. Both accessories and garments have long, swinging fringed edges. Earlier, I posted about the fringe trend and how to incorporate different types of fringes onto garments.
Fringe jewelry, whether it is a multi-chain, bead, leather or feather fringe really speaks about global and ethnic trends, what I like to think of as Bohemian.
Adornments that are handmade, colourful and not quite perfect are easy and casual, ideal for summer. Read further for ideas and free tutorials for different ideas on how you can add fringe benefits to your jewelry.


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Sheer Delight

Needlecrafts,Crochet - Sheer Delight - Tanks and camis
Inspiration image | Pinterest
Top inset image | free pattern available here
Lately I've been on this binge of looking for nicer tanks and camis to wear under summer cardis. It could be due to all the Hexagon Granny Cardis I've been making .
By the by, I will be featuring them (yikes!... all 5 of them and by then, who know how many more!) at a later date. It's amazing how different they all look and I love the versatility, casual or dressy.
The hunt for these camis led me to find some lovely openwork tanks, worn over either matching, complementary or contrasting colour.
What's great about these tanks is the basic shape and if you use a heavier worsted or chunky cotton how quickly they work up.
Crochet two simple squares and you have a top. Finishing garments in a unique way can add that "of the moment fashion trend" or just your personal taste.
Mix stitch patterns on the same garment to give interest. Suggestions are given for different ways to use simple shapes such as the rectangle and square.

Read further for different style suggestions, finishing ideas and 6 free garment patterns.


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Circling the Edge

Needlecrafts,Crochet - Circular Shrugs
Inspiration image | Pinterest
Right from the first time I laid eyes on this shrug style, I was smitten. Even though this design is not new, both crocheters and knitters continue tweaking this design creating new and interesting variations.
Spring and summer is coming, I have to hope, and probably a wedding or shower are in the offing.
The inspirational image above has all the elements of a perfect outfit for such an occasion, elegant and effortless.
Once you look at the construction of the shrug, you begin to see how you can truly personalize this style to suit different moods and trends.
At this point on the fashion meter, the needle is turned to the bohemian look, incorporating global travel, patterns and colour. In other words hippy style, my favourite.
Having said that, I am definitely going to make a version of the above style as there is always room for looking polished.

Read further for the anatomy of a circular shrug, different styles and how to achieve them, helpful video tutorials and 6 free garment patterns.


Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Tie the Knot

Needlecrafts,Knit, Crochet - Tie the Knot
Image and knit tutorial | here
Image and crochet tutorial | here
Image | Prestigio Moda Maglia 2007
One of the first classic scarf patterns I came across in an old Patons pattern book was this ascot or tuck-in style.
Reading and understanding patterns, at that time, was hard to grasp as my skills in knitting were limited and I've mainly learned by someone teaching me.
What fascinated me was how one end of the scarf slipped through a ribbed channel or sleeve.
Once someone had shown me how you made an increase row before starting this ribbed sleeve, knitting into the fronts and backs of every stitch, thereby doubling the number of stitches.
When I saw how one stitch went on a needle and the next stitch went onto a stitch holder, I immediately understood how you were able to work the two parts separately.
Joining the two parts by slipping a front stitch then a back stitch onto one needle, knitting two stitches together across the row gave me the whole picture.
Once you understand this concept, the sky is the limit as what you want to make, whether it is a scarf or shawl.
All you are doing is creating two end pieces whether they are leaf shaped or have straight edges doesn't matter and the rib can be narrow or wide.
The shawl part can be worked with stitches, different textures, narrow or wider, it's up to you.
Read further for a tutorial on how a bow knot is constucted, how to divide the stitches, ideas and free patterns.