Needlecrafts - Crochet, Bagging Boho Style

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Bagging Boho Style
Inspiration image | Pinterest
Give me fringe, colored beads, patches and especially, mirror work and I'm all over it when it comes to flea markets and vintage stores.
For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by the gypsy, ethnic, tribal and boho look.
This was especially true of accessories such as bags, scarves and jewelry.
No wonder this style is enduring and now a whole new generation has given it their personal spin.
Fringed vests, floppy hats and destroyed, cutoff jean shorts are not new. Sadly, I wasn't one who looked good in these but accessories gave me that bohemian spirit.
In my travels, I have collected all kinds of accessories which are now considered vintage but just as fashionable today as they were back in the day.
Read further for a variety of ways and types of bags that you can crochet, adding your own bits and pieces to end up with one heck of a unique piece .
Inspiration image| Pinterest
Inspiration image | Pinterest
Top left| free pattern available here
All other images | Pinterest
Inspiration images | Pinterest
Left side image| inspiration only
Right side image 1| free pattern available here
Right side image 2| free pattern available here
Right side image 3| free pattern available here
Right side image 4| free pattern available here
Inspiration images | Pinterest
All the free patterns featured above should be starting points for creating your own unique bag.
Make the bags as big or small as you desire just by adding or subtracting rows on the granny square patterns.
Straps as shown in the inspiration image can be braided with the same yarn or try using leather strips.
Think tight ripple stitch in a 2-3 inch wide band to contrast the patched look of the bag.
Take your cue from the color inspiration where neon brights are mixed with dark marled and variegated yarn for contrast and relief.
The idea is add beads, bells, coins or any other embellishment you have possibly from broken jewelry.
For those of you that like the embroidered mirrors or shisha work, see below for helpful videos giving you pointers on adding these embellishments.
Have fun, there is no wrong design as it is a very personal statement.
Video Tutorial | Mirror Work or Shisha Embroidery
Video Tutorial | Mirror Work or Shisha Embroidery
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Happy Crocheting!

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