DIY - Restyle, Racerback T Shirts

DIY Restyle - Racerback T Shirts
Inspirational images | Pinterest
Inspirational images | Pinterest
The latest buzzword in fashion is "athleisure," one of those words that sounds ridiculous but perfectly describes a mode of dressing.
Leisure wear has been around forever, reaching the height of popularity as British Mod Style in the 70's but during the 80's became associated with over the top poor taste.
The fitness trend spawned real exercise clothing, functional but not always fashionable.
Time became a luxury and the idea of being able to go from gym to office resonated with consumers.
The idea of comfort and being stylish was a category of clothing that retailers quickly embraced.
Athleisure is bigger than a trend, as evidenced by the people who wear yoga pants, sweatshirts and t shirts anywhere and everywhere, which says quite clearly there is an overwhelming desire for leisure and sport clothes that are designed well and stylish.
Track pants became luxurious made out of cashmere and linen. Birkenstock sandals were bejewelled and tanks were given the fashion once over with strapping and color blocking.
Racerback or "wifebeater" tanks have taken on a whole new personna made with a variety of different materials such as lace, rubber, chiffon, stretch satin not exactly your humble jersey.

Read further for tutorials and different ways to restyle t shirts into fashionable racerback tanks .
Racerback basic front and back shape - complete restyle tutorial | here
Pink racerback | free tutorial here
Striped racerback | free tutorial here
Lace racerback - free step by step tutorial | here
Video Tutorial | Macrame Racerback
Happy DIYing!

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