Needlecrafts - Crochet, Wavy Ripple Stitch

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Ripple Stitch Primer
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Colorful and stylish is the inspiration above. A basic garment with ripple yoke and hem edgings finish the garment with texture and color. Note the yoke has stripes of color and the hem in the same shade as the main body, bringing the attention to the face and not the hips. In my experience, whenever you thought of crochet ripple or chevron stitch patterns you envisioned afghan or baby blanket patterns. The wavy edge it created became an ideal finishing element for adding tassel fringes. Different stitch patterns such as lacy or granny stitch types were also great for using up different colors and textures of yarn. If it was a rectangle, it was easy but shaping into a garment was another story altogether. So many designs for wraps, ponchos and shrugs are made up of rectangles. It's a shame if you limit working this interesting pattern to blankets. Straightening out the wavy edge is easy (read further for a helpful video which shows you how). Spring into the new season with a colorful poncho. There are several styles from which to choose along with smaller accessories, ideal for a beginner. Read further for patterns, helpful tutorials, ideas and videos to get you started.


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Poncho with Flare

Needlecrafts, Crochet - Poncho with Flare
Frills and long, loose peplums on garments seem to be a style everywhere in fashion from t shirts to jackets.
Looking at my previous posts, I decided to repost a pattern that has been a very popular, repinned image on Pinterest. My idea of comfort is an oversize garment and a design that can be adapted for different seasons and types of yarns.
Inspiration struck when looking at a blouse with a very loose flare or flounce and a loose body.
Since poncho styles seem to be popular, I decided to design a very easy garment with a flared band or skirting.
As I looked around for yarn, I came across an unfinished project which consisted of a few crocheted squares, probably intended for a shrug.
This was an excellent starting point where I didn't have to start from scratch.
You may also want to think of this pattern for the spring or summer crocheted with a lovely soft cotton.
This design is very easy to customize either in the squares and also in the skirting as this is your waist.

Read further for the pattern instructions, schematics and also a thank you to Erin, a colleague and a very patient model.


Needlecrafts - Knit, Knits With Bells On

Needlecrafts - Knit-Knits with Bells On
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Fall/Winter 2016 is coming upon us, at least on the fashion runways. Every February and early March, designers prepare us for what's ahead. The shows start in New York, go onto London, Milan and finish up in Paris. It's always fascinating to see what silhouettes, prints and colors will be prominent and how the fashions are styled going down the runway. The knitwear featured in some of the collections had interesting design details that can be added to patterns you already have or thinking about for future projects. Sleeves silhouettes were important especially the bell sleeve highlighted in this post. What's easy on the knitter, it can be knit in a few ways. Most of the sleeves in the show are exaggerated in length but if you want make a statement, elongating the length definitely makes a dramatic statement. A tight sleeve with double increases produces a very full "frill" at the bottom. Sleeves can be made in two pieces or something as simple as working a middle panel in ribbing to take in the fullness from the bottom. Personally, I love three quarter sleeves so the bell in some of my garments can be slight or gathered! Have fun and think about ways you can update garments by taking apart a sweater or cutting (yikes!!) the sleeves on a machine knit sweater and adding new sleeves . Be sure to also read further down for several free patterns each with all the bells and whistles.