DIY Fashion - Jeanius Jewelry

DIY Fashion - Jean Jewelry
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One can become obsessed with denim. I know this for a fact because I love all things denim. Not only in the variety of jeans, but jean jackets, shirts and accessories.
Repurposing jeans can come off looking somewhat iffy, not polished if care is not taken in the finishing.
Whatever you are restyling, redoing or repurposing doesn't need to be tailored to an inch of it's life and can even be shabby chic in nature.
My horror is the shabby not chic, long threads hanging, projects that look half finished and slapped together.
Closeup, the necklace above is not precious in it's style. The edges are raw with an urban cool vibe but the beads pull it all together and add a hint of refinement, detail.
Read on to see that not all denim accessories need to be casual or worn casually.
What can be more wonderful than to take the stuffiness out of a silk blouse by adding a necklace made of denim loops that are snapped together.
You will look at your old jeans in a whole new way. It's jeanius!


Needlecrafts - Knit, Boot Cuffs

Needlecrafts - Knit, Boot Cuffs
Boot toppers are not new fashion accessories. Just when you thought you saw every possible design, along comes a new inspiration.
Popular for several seasons now, lace and cable variations have been worn with riding boots.
These boot toppers are pint-size versions of the popular leg warmers, still worn today but really came into fashion in the "Flashdance" 80's.
Worn with leggings, in neon colours, they were the rage along with big hair, scrunchies and headbands.
The leggings we still wear, thank you. Comfort, for me, is key.
Booties or shorter boots are everywhere these days and these skinny toppers just don't cut it visually.
On my hunt for something different, I came across these boot cuffs or spats as they flare out and cover a lot of the boot, both in front and back.
Making a few minor adjustments to the traditional boot topper is all it takes.
My plan is to make several pairs the colour of the boots and or my skinny jeans.
Contrast is lovely but a long leg line is nicer!

Read further for more ideas of styles, stitch patterns and free patterns to start making your own.


Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet - Triangle Scarves

Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Triangle Scarves
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In the movie "Le Divorce", Glenn Close is describing French women to Kate Hudson and their fondness of scarves, to which she adds "A whole chapter could be written about the French woman and her way with scarves."
The next scene breaks into scenarios where you see a parade of women wearing scarves tied in a multitude of ways.
My bulging "scarf department" is bursting in agreement but I believe there's always room for one more to squeeze in.
Shawls have been worn as scarves over the shoulder on coats. A version of this triangle is called a "shawlette", a baby version of the original large shawl.
Tied like a neckerchief, the ends come back to the front, either left hanging or tied into a loose knot.
Tassels of all sorts are being added to the corners and often more ornate ones at the front corner of the triangle.
My preference is the crocheted half granny-style as it adds a bohemian vibe to an outfit, a look I adore.
There are several free crochet patterns available as well as attractive free knit versions.

Read on and be inspired by the decorative tassels and how to make them. Well I guess that wraps it up!;)


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Border Pattern Scarves

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Border Scarf
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Vintage shows always have an abundance of antique linen, lingerie and handkerchiefs with beautifully finished crocheted edges.
Intricate, lacy edges were made with very fine crochet thread, usually for a bride's trousseau.
Finely worked linens became family heirlooms, were lovingly cared for, repaired and passed down through the generations.
Years passed and yarn replaced crochet thread for baby blankets and afghans.
Skip to present tastes and you find that lace patterns are no longer just for finer yarns and threads. Designers have definitely embraced chunky and bulky yarns for lace patterns.
Scarves are a good way to revisit some of these lovely patterns.
Making two long strips of lace and joining them together gives a feminine touch to any sporty look.
Not all lace edgings have to be labour intensive. Read further and see that some are fun and quite modern.