DIY Fashion - Jeanius Jewelry

DIY Fashion - Jean Jewelry
Large image and tutorial | read complete Tea Rose Home tutorial here
Inset image | Pinterest
One can become obsessed with denim. I know this for a fact because I love all things denim. Not only in the variety of jeans, but jean jackets, shirts and accessories.
Repurposing jeans can come off looking somewhat iffy, not polished if care is not taken in the finishing.
Whatever you are restyling, redoing or repurposing doesn't need to be tailored to an inch of it's life and can even be shabby chic in nature.
My horror is the shabby not chic, long threads hanging, projects that look half finished and slapped together.
Closeup, the necklace above is not precious in it's style. The edges are raw with an urban cool vibe but the beads pull it all together and add a hint of refinement, detail.
Read on to see that not all denim accessories need to be casual or worn casually.
What can be more wonderful than to take the stuffiness out of a silk blouse by adding a necklace made of denim loops that are snapped together.
You will look at your old jeans in a whole new way. It's jeanius!
Making roses like the ones shown above can be very simple or more complex depending on the amount of detail you want and your sewing expertise.
Most rolled roses begin as long triangular strips, narrow at one end to a height which will determine how big you want your rose to be.
Distress the edges of the strip if you want a shabby chic look to the rose as shown above in the middle image.
Gather one long edge if you want a slightly ruffled look to the rose.
Buttons, french knots, gluing "jewels" or making stamens out of tiny strips for the centre can hide any sewing or imperfections and will add detail.
Large image and basic steps | read about basic steps here
Inset image | inspiration here
Large loops | necklace available for purchase here - tutorial for loops below
Marker art| necklace available for purchase here
Rolled beads | Pinterest - bead video tutorial below
Wrapped chains | inspiration image here
Most techniques used in other mediums such as paper can be translated or adapted to fabric.
A good example is the rolled bead, using the same techniques making rolled magazine beads.
Make sure to check out the excellent video on Youtube which demonstrates all the different shapes of beads you can make.
Using fabric markers on denim adds texture and pattern. In the inspiration above, cream beads and wrap really pop against the textured denim elevating the style into something quite special.
Hopefully these tutorials are jumping off points leading to new design ideas and future projects.
Happy DIYing!