Needlecraft - Knit,Sew,Crochet - Criss Cross Shrug

Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet,Sew - Sleeved Shrug
There are so many lovely designs that are available for knitting, crochet and sewing. Unfortunately, those same designs do not usually cross paths into all the three crafts because of certain limitations within the design or the craft.
All three crafts appeal to me but I go through stages of wanting to do one craft more than the other.
For me, at the moment, it is crochet but a design that is knit can persuade me to start knitting.
When a pattern is easy and appealing to all three crafters, this is a good thing.
The last post was about making a rectangle that folded into a shrug.
This post also offers a design that allows you make your shrug in three different ways.
The crossover shrug is a long rectangle that folds and is sewn at the ends for sleeves. The middle part, depending how long and how wide, can become a cowl, a hood or a top for a cami underneath .
Read further for a refashion idea and free patterns for both a knit and crochet crossover shrug.


Needlecrafts - Knit | Sew | Crochet - Easy Fold Shrug

Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet,Sew - Easy Fold Shrug
One rectangle, yes just one rectangle folded makes a shawl vest. When it comes to shrugs, there's never too many and there's always a different way to make one.
What's particularly appealing about this style is the collar that folds back.
The rectangle can be worked side to side with the end bands worked in a different stitch or worked up all in one.
Sew this style in a knit fabric, line it and you have a reversible shrug.
The last post was all about denim bags, one of which was a patchwork idea.
This style is ideal for turning all those different denim pieces into a spectacular shrug.
Crochet granny squares for the ends or as shown in the inspiration image, all throughout.
Read further for stitch pattern suggestions (free patterns for are capelets - use the great stitch combinations as inspiration) and a great idea of how to tie a scarf into a vest.


DIY - Restyle, Bagging Denim

DIY Restyle - Bagging Denim
Inspirational images | Pinterest
One of the easiest ways to recycle denim is to make a bag.
Consider carefully the end product, how you wish the finished bag to look, whether you desire a very casual bohemian look or a more finished chic bag.
Patchwork, embellishment and destroyed surfaces appeal to a variety of tastes by giving the denim fabric a distinct surface to work with.
You can recreate the denim fabric by bleaching, painting, embellishing with rhinestones, embroidery, studding or any other type of treatment you see that inspires you. Read further for different ways to give your denim personality, whether you want to knit or crochet strips, weave strips or simply sew pieces together.
The denim allows you to create your own designer bag.


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Retro Rib Ticklers

Needlecrafts, Crochet - Retro Rib ticklers
Inspiration images courtesy | www.style.com and Pinterest
They say you should never revisit fashions from your youth but the granny is one style that continues to be part of our craft consciousness, whether in fashion or home decor. Granny vests, shrink vests or rib ticklers are an iconic baby boomer fashion. Even the most "grown-up" boomer remembers them fondly.
I remember all too well how older salesmen at the yarn companies talked about this pattern with reverence as there was a ton of yarn sold and newly minted crochet addicts were hungry for more patterns.
Magazines were filled with every kind of crochet project you could think of. What a happy, colorful craft world it was.
This vest as we knew it was tight and short, hence the name shrink vest and rib tickler.
Designers such as Christopher Kane and House of Holland continue to pay homage to past granny designs in keeping with the vintage, thrift shop trend .
Now Miuccia Prada has taken a bold step (she always does) and reproduced the famous vest in hopes of exciting a younger market.
Maybe you can revisit these styles, looser perhaps, a tad longer and in more sophisticated colors. Why not? Fashion is fun!
Read further for more vintage inspiration and a free pattern to make your own version that will tickle your ribs.