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Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet,Sew - Easy Fold Shrug
One rectangle, yes just one rectangle folded makes a shawl vest.
When it comes to shrugs, there's never too many and there's always a different way to make one.
What's particularly appealing about this style is the collar that folds back.
The rectangle can be worked side to side with the end bands worked in a different stitch or worked up all in one.
Sew this style in a knit fabric, line it and you have a reversible shrug.
The last post was all about denim bags, one of which was a patchwork idea.
This style is ideal for turning all those different denim pieces into a spectacular shrug.
Crochet granny squares for the ends or as shown in the inspiration image, all throughout.

Read further for stitch pattern suggestions (free patterns for are capelets - use the great stitch combinations as inspiration) and a great idea of how to tie a scarf into a vest.

Main inspiration image | Pinterest
Lacy leaf pattern inspiration | free pattern available here
Dropstitch pattern inspiration | free pattern available here

Main inspiration image | pattern for purchase available here
Open stitch pattern with border inspiration | free Drops pattern available here
Solid stitch pattern with shell border | free Drops pattern available here
Sewing inspiration image | or purchase garment here
Video Tutorial | How to Make a Shawl Collar Vest from a Scarf
Happy Knitting, Crocheting and Sewing!


  1. I have pinned this site on Pinterest and it is repinned 10 to 20 times a week! Really popular!

  2. I would like to make the "Into the fold" pattern but have no idea how much yarn (yardage ) to buy for it. I would like to us a worsted or bulky weight.

    1. Hi!
      I'm delighted that you like my posts...many of the patterns I feature are curated for a specific topic, which means that some are for inspiration, some are for purchasing and others are free...for the most part I have not made these garments or projects which is why I mention weight and not amts... my suggestion would be to refer to a free pattern from a company such as Lion Brand and also establish the type of yarn you are going to use. Yarns come in different putups and even what is a traditional worsted weight make vary from product to product and company to company..this affects gauge and yardage....many craft stores such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Jo-anns give you plenty of time for any returns...good luck on you project

  3. Wow!!!!!!!I love it. Thanks for sharing this idea.

    1. Hi,
      Very happy that you like the idea....can never be too inspired...:)