Design Files - Trendspotting, Knitwear F/W '15

Design Files - Trendspotting, Sweater Dressing F/W '15
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Following fashion trends is a lot of fun. What is old is new again but in most cases with a twist. Then again, sometimes the style is taken directly from the past.
A lot of the examples shown are very familiar to me, but to a younger generation it's fresh and exciting.
The Michael Kors shag jacket, I've always lusted for but just didn't get around to all the fringing.
The grey colour and soft roving type yarn just might entice me the second time around .
Cowichans are an important part of the Canadian culture but for the most part they are serviceable, heavy garments keeping out the cold beautifully.
Rag and Bone has put a new twist on this classic by shortening the length and making the design not quite so literal.
Arans or fisherman knits have become simplified, the design not so intense with different patterns. Cables are simpler, allover pattern and in some cases have opened up making them softer.
The Row likes knit pantsuits, oversized with long sleeves and statement collars. Again, this is not new, but the oversized yarn and fit is. Adding to the knit with woven trend, Viktor and Rolf have "patched" cables onto wovens and leather, a new "aran" style. Finally the "Coogi" was a surprise. This Australian label was very popular during the late 80's, always in wild colour combinations. Rag and Bone has paid homage to this famous brand in neutral tones softening the image and patterning. Read further and see more examples of some of the trends for Fall/Winter 2015.


Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Pillow Talk

Needlecrafts,Knit, Crochet - Pillow Talk
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For many of us, summer vacations are a weekend here and there or if we're lucky a week or two at the cottage, somewhere idyllic and quiet.
In my case, the cottage is not ours but within the family there are several cottages. We are very fortunate, indeed, to be invited to enjoy a lazy week or weekend.
Getting caught up on reading and perusing magazines is part of being in a relaxed mode but soon enough one needs a project, small and easily finished.
Pillows are such a project. Useful, they can be colourful and also a welcome addition to a living room or den.
Pouring over decorating magazines always inspires me to make something handmade, whether knit or crocheted to add to my collection of woven pillows.
Handcrafted pillows are very popular and can be pricy so why not make a couple during the summer whether at the lake or relaxed in your own backyard.

Read further for lovely free patterns to knit and crochet including a wonderful vintage pattern. You will definitely recognize the design from either your mom's, aunt's or grandmother's living room. My own recollections were from my aunt's living room where I thought they looked so elegant in satin.


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Shaggy Coats

Needlecrafts,Crochet - Shaggy Coats
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All vintage inspiration images | Pinterest
Shades of the 70's! This style of shag jacket has appealed to me forever and now it's back as you can see by the runway images.
The project is actually very simple. You create a crochet filet base and fringe parts or the entire body.
Each runway design featured above highlights different types and weights of yarn ranging from natural to fancy yarns.
One last thing to keep in mind is the amount of yarn, buy a lot as this project will need it.
Read further for video tutorials, how to suggestions and different ideas for this exciting vintage-style project.


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Cables and Chains

Needlecrafts,Crochet - Cables and Chains
Manytimes we get excited by a new stitch pattern but the style is one that is not flattering or has shaping that we find challenging or don't want to do.
My mantra when knitting or crocheting is "Easy,peasy please!".
Challenging stitch patterns in themselves can be difficult enough without having to figure out decreases for armhole or neck shaping.
When you encounter a pattern you like don't be put off by the style, adapt it to suit your needs and style.
The easiest summer shapes for tanks and tops are the square and rectangle.
Let the stitch do all the work, not you when you show off your next new project.

Read further for easy-to-read stitch symbols, video how tos and different schematics for this exciting stitch pattern. Definitely on my project list this summer.