Needlecrafts - Crochet, Working Around Hexagons

Needlecrafts, Crochet - Working Around Hexagons
Image | Keito Dama 140
Whenever you see a creative design detail used in an unexpected way, you take notice.
The clever treatment of the negative space between the hexagon shapes proved to be most inspiring by opening up new possibilities for linking motifs .
Hexagon motifs are six sided and honeycomb shaped. They can be worked into a solid, lacy or more inticate, layered motif.
There are many lovely patterns readily available for both the beginner and more advanced crocheter.
Traditionally, these shapes were used for afghans or throws with the edges left uneven or half motifs used to fill in edge spaces.
The simple motifs used in this design are smaller with the "holes" in between filled in with contrast double crochet shells or stitches worked over a chain space.
An easy beginning project for this decorative detail could be a scarf or to edge a shrug or cardigan fronts.

Read further for tutorials, free patterns and ideas for working around hexagons.


DIY Restyle - Key Denim Trends S/S '14

DIY Restyle - Key Denim Trends S/S'14
Right, middle image | Junya Watanabe F/W 2013
Left image | DKNY, S/S 2014
Putting your own personal stamp on an item of clothing, whether purchased, vintage or handmade seems to resonate with a lot of people.
Mass production producing multiples of the same garment lacks any kind of personality, something we crave these days.
Denim jeans during the 60's had that kind of edge. Patchwork, embroidery were added with pride.
Practical and above all comfortable (for the most part), denim is definitely a go-to piece of clothing for whatever you are doing.
The trend that seems to be growing is the idea of collecting a look to put together.
Patches used in Junya Watanabe's jeans are different kinds of plaid and the patches themselves are grand in size, not the small patches used to cover holes.
Side stripes really mimic the tuxedo pant with the side embellishment, but why stop there?
The are so many ribbons, especially vintage ribbons allowing the denim to ooze with personality. As far as the embroidered logos, don't stop at one kind. There are sequined appliques that would add instant glamour to a pair of plain old jeans


Needlecrafts - Knit, Loopy Over Capelets

Needlecrafts,Knit - Loopy Capelet
Image and adapted pattern | purchase Nube Knitting Magazines here
The harsh winter we've been experiencing is definitely calling out for some happy colours to put a smile on your face.
Loopy, bumpy textures and mouthwatering shades of melon and berries make this project a treat to knit.
Worked from the top down, a soft rolled neck is increased to a slouchy, comfy capelet.
After trying this quirky little pattern stitch, I was amazed at how quickly it worked up and how much fun it was to knit.
Perfect to throw on and stay toasty on a chilly evening if you like to keep the thermostat lower.

Read further for the pattern and tutorial on how to knit the Loop Stitch.


Needlecrafts - Crochet, Poncho with Flare

Needlecrafts, Crochet - Poncho with Flare
Peplums on garments seem to be a style everywhere in fashion from t shirts to jackets.
Unfortunately, this style is not always easy to wear, especially if the body itself is formfitting.
My idea of comfort is an oversize garment and a design that can be adapted for different seasons and types of yarns.
Inspiration struck when looking at a blouse with a very loose flare or flounce and a loose body.
Since poncho styles seem to be popular, I decided to design a very easy garment with a flared band or skirting.
As I looked around for yarn, I came across an unfinished project which consisted of a few crocheted squares, probably intended for a shrug.
This was an excellent starting point where I didn't have to start from scratch.
You may also want to think of this pattern for the spring or summer crocheted with a lovely soft cotton.
This design is very easy to customize either in the squares and also in the skirting as this is your waist.

Read further for the pattern instructions, schematics and also a thank you to Erin, a colleague and a very patient model.