Needlecrafts - Knit, Slant on Raglans

Needlecrafts,Knit - Slant on Raglans
Image and free pattern | free pattern available here
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Raglan shaping generally refers to a set of decreases, the same number on each side in order to shape a garment knit from the bottom up with the sleeves shaped in a slant.
The 50's swing coats always appealed to me, the raglan shaped sleeves always fit so well across the chest and looked chic and modern.
To this day I prefer that sleeve shape over the traditional set in sleeve and always hunt for the perfect vintage jacket or coat.
Raglan seams can be deep in length almost like a poncho and would be ideal for a fuller figure.
Other styles have shorter seams and are quite fitted, which are well suited to a more petite frame.
Decorative enhancements can be added to the seams such as eyelets or cables, small details which perk up an otherwise simple design.
Read further for more free patterns that feature both deep and more fitted styling.


DIY Fashion - Faux Fur Projects

DIY Fashion - Faux Fur Projects
The shrug design featured above in faux fur has been a popular style with knitters and crocheters alike for some time. A large rectangle folded in half and seams sewn at each edge to form sleeves is as easy as it sounds. Read further for pointers, tips and a video showing how to work and sew with faux fur.
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An easy project to begin with is the neckwarmer, cowl or neck ring.
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When faux fur blankets first hit the stores, I loved them. Unfortunately, I couldn't justify the three hundred dollar hefty price at the time.
I had to have one, so I scoured the fabric stores, found a fabulous deal and proceeded to make one.
The front was the faux fur with a thin fleece backing and bordered in a silky upholstery fabric I had in my fabric stash.
A lot of work due to the size, but worth it. Three years later, it sits at the end of my bed and serves part-time as a cat bed for Ziggy and Zoe.
The blanket moves with me into the den keeping me toasty while watching movies and knitting or crocheting.
After seeing the Michael Kors shrug, I think it's time to bring out the faux and let the fur fly.


Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Capelets

Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Capelets
Please Note - this pattern has been adapted for a bulky-weight yarn | Ondori Knitting Magazine

In between the many dinners, visiting and shopping during the holiday season, there are moments where you want to have a simple project on hand.
This is especially true while watching the holiday movies and there are many that I love.
The weather has turned cold and I mean frigid so thoughts have been to make something that will cover the shoulders and yet not be too bulky and in the way.
A capelet worn over a coat or jacket made with a bulky-weight yarn was the quick and easy answer.
The fringe on the knit version is an option, creates added length and is fun to do.
For crocheters, there is a fashionable high-necked version to keep you toasty.
Read on for instructions for this design and for an easy quick to crochet pattern from airali at besenseless.blogspot.com .


Needlecrafts - Knit, Making Headway

Needlecrafts - Knit - Making Headways
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Inset image | free pattern available here
Hat fashions, if you notice, have certainly been turned on their head.
Hats are the one accessory you either love or hate. Hathead, flathead, these are the wintry results of trying to keep your head warm in the chilly weather.
This hair flattening problem was usually the result of head hugging toques and caps.
Lately, our love of all things chunky and big has gone straight to our head.
The chunky yarn and double thickness in some styles has added bulk making the hat more proportionately flattering for large heads .
My head shape and hair length was not ideal for hat wearing but once I made the chunky toque, I was delighted with the results.
Two evenings worth of knitting produced an attractive hat, so quick to make that I ended up making another as a spare.

Read on and be inspired by 10 free pattern designs featuring different ideas for making your next winter hat, either for yourself or someone special. For more ideas on different hats, be sure to read Anti-freeze Dressing .


DIY Design - Hostess Gifts

DIY Design - Hostess Gifts
Chocolate pretzels | recipe here
Silverplate | step-by-step tutorial here
Flat finish | tutorial here
During the holiday season people, especially family, seem to gather together more often. The McGuire clan is big and getting bigger so it seems there is always an occasion or reason to party.
Everyone contributes a dish of some kind and more often than not, I seem to bring a cake. Presentation is important and placing the cake on a cake stand you've made is always appreciated.
Treats are gobbled up quickly. One sister-in-law is famous for her spiced nuts, an easy, munchy snack and another for her savoury dip. Both are great with wine and beer.
Flowers or seasonal plants are always festive and brighten up a table or sideboard buffet spread.
Candles set the mood and depending on the design, like the memory candle, can start conversations about events that happened during the year.
Your host and/or hostess has welcomed you into their home. Why not show appreciation with a small gift?