DIY Fashion - Faux Fur Projects

DIY Fashion - Faux Fur Projects
The shrug design featured above in faux fur has been a popular style with knitters and crocheters alike for some time. A large rectangle folded in half and seams sewn at each edge to form sleeves is as easy as it sounds.
Read further for pointers, tips and a video showing how to work and sew with faux fur.
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An easy project to begin with is the neckwarmer, cowl or neck ring.
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When faux fur blankets first hit the stores, I loved them. Unfortunately, I couldn't justify the three hundred dollar hefty price at the time.
I had to have one, so I scoured the fabric stores, found a fabulous deal and proceeded to make one.
The front was the faux fur with a thin fleece backing and bordered in a silky upholstery fabric I had in my fabric stash.
A lot of work due to the size, but worth it. Three years later, it sits at the end of my bed and serves part-time as a cat bed for Ziggy and Zoe.
The blanket moves with me into the den keeping me toasty while watching movies and knitting or crocheting.
After seeing the Michael Kors shrug, I think it's time to bring out the faux and let the fur fly.

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One of the easiest ways to make a faux fur wrap is illustrated above. A strong recommendation would be to turn fur edges in or glue edges (using a fabric glue) to lining to stop shedding.
Top hat, all other images inspiration | Cotton and Curls - tutorial for pom pom available here
What could be faster or easier than making a pom pom. Add a pom pom to a key ring, a hair elastic or to the top of a mitt.
Think of other ways to use pom poms such as gluing to a hair clip and clipping onto a shoe or attaching to ends of braided fringe.
Why limit 1 pom pom to the top of a hat, try 3. Remember, more is more!
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There really is a huge selection of faux fur styles in the fabric stores that vary in quality and price.
If you are taking the time to make either a cowl or shrug, a better quality faux fur is in order for that expensive, polished look.
As you can see from the examples above, you have the option of short versus long hair, natural or trendy colours and choices that mimic chic animal skins.
Bowtie | free tutorial available here
Keyhole | complete tutorial available here
Cowl| complete tutorial available here
Hoodie | adding a thin ring to edge of knitted cowl
Inset image, vest | Instructables, complete tutorial available here
For entire article on Sewing with Faux Fur | available here
Other Excellent Step-by-step Tutorials
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Video Tutorials
Happy DIYing!

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