DIY Design - Hostess Gifts

DIY Design - Hostess Gifts
Chocolate pretzels | recipe here
Silverplate | step-by-step tutorial here
Flat finish | tutorial here
During the holiday season people, especially family, seem to gather together more often. The McGuire clan is big and getting bigger so it seems there is always an occasion or reason to party.
Everyone contributes a dish of some kind and more often than not, I seem to bring a cake. Presentation is important and placing the cake on a cake stand you've made is always appreciated.
Treats are gobbled up quickly. One sister-in-law is famous for her spiced nuts, an easy, munchy snack and another for her savoury dip. Both are great with wine and beer.
Flowers or seasonal plants are always festive and brighten up a table or sideboard buffet spread.
Candles set the mood and depending on the design, like the memory candle, can start conversations about events that happened during the year.
Your host and/or hostess has welcomed you into their home. Why not show appreciation with a small gift?
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Chocolate pretzels | recipe here
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Dotted lines | read tutorial here
Flat finish | read tutorial here
Bump it up | read tutorial here
Vivid colour | read tutorial here
Happy DIYing and giftmaking!

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