Needlecrafts - Knit, Slant on Raglans

Needlecrafts,Knit - Slant on Raglans
Image and free pattern | free pattern available here
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Raglan shaping generally refers to a set of decreases, the same number on each side in order to shape a garment knit from the bottom up with the sleeves shaped in a slant.
The 50's swing coats always appealed to me, the raglan shaped sleeves always fit so well across the chest and looked chic and modern.
To this day I prefer that sleeve shape over the traditional set in sleeve and always hunt for the perfect vintage jacket or coat.
Raglan seams can be deep in length almost like a poncho and would be ideal for a fuller figure.
Other styles have shorter seams and are quite fitted, which are well suited to a more petite frame.
Decorative enhancements can be added to the seams such as eyelets or cables, small details which perk up an otherwise simple design.
Read further for more free patterns that feature both deep and more fitted styling.
Image and free pattern | free pattern available here
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