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Needlecrafts - Knit, Anti-Freeze Dressing
The past few winters we were very fortunate to have experienced milder temperatures and maybe one light snowfall. That changed this year when winter came in with a vengeance, cold and threw more snow at us than we were used to.
When it is this type of weather you need to dress for it. With the winds whipping at your face, it had better be well protected. Bundling up around the neck is also a good idea.
Looking at the collections for next fall and winter, I noted Alexander Wang had protective head and neck gear accessorizing his coats. The helmets are called balaclavas, are warm and usually worn with another hat or if you drive a motorcycle, a helmet.
A Détacher also had large turtleneck neckwarmers (what were once called dickeys). The neckwarmers were worn inside suits or coats for protection and were considered a bit nerdy, something your granny made for you at Christmas. They were also smaller, not as wide and covering the chest as shown in the collection by A Détacher .

In the next image, you will see some of the hysterical vintage styles that were made. A balaclava can cover the whole head with openings for the eyes and mouth, but the free patterns after the jump are simpler and more modern, I assure you.
Top Left Image | here
Top Right, Bottom Left Images | here
Bottom Right Image | here
Top Left Image | free pattern here
Top Right Image | purchase pattern here
Bottom Left Images | here
Bottom Right Image | free pattern here
Neckwarmer dickeys came in all styles, predominately fitted, so that they could be tucked inside another garment. Images showing how you measure for the neckwarmer have been included.
Make your neckwarmer as long as you want, there is no rule as to the length. I also find the ones that aren't shaped fit just as well as the ones that are. Have fun with stripes, texture, colour anything that makes this accessory fun.
Happy Knitting!

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