Needlecrafts - S/S 2013 Floral Trend - Pt 1

Needlecrafts - S/S Floral Trend Pt1
When trends for Spring and Summer are florals, I find it humorous. When do florals ever go out of style?
In "designspeak" this means that floral designs are being tweaked, modernized as happens with all design elements. The saying "What's old is new again" applies here.
The floral trend in knitwear can be interpreted in so many ways, therefore I've decided to break up this trend story into five parts - Texture, Lacy, Dimensional, Intarsia (charts or picture knits) and Crochet. Please be sure to check for the rest of the trend stories.
One way to interpret Florals is through Texture. Texture is the dimensional cables as well as simple knit and purl patterns used to mimic florals. Colourwork or any other type of floral interpretation can be added to enhance the design.
The Patternbank image gives you the overall feeling for what designers may choose as ideas and visuals for their own designs.
Read further for inspiration, stitch and design ideas as well as free patterns where indicated.
Field Flowers | free pattern here
Scattered Poppies | free pattern here
Flower Child | purchase pattern here
Climbing Vine | purchase pattern here
Top Left Image | here
Top Right Image | ebay, inspiration only
Bottom Left Image | here
Bottom Right Image | ebay, inspiration only
Top Image | free pattern here
Bottom Inset Image | free pattern here
Happy Knitting!


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