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DIY - How to Apply Appliques
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There is no doubt in my mind. Designers are showing all kinds of embellishments in their collections for Fall Winter 2013.
Adornment or embellishment of clothing is not new and is a fabulous way to make a tired garment or even a new garment special.
Bejewelling is the standard when thinking of embellishment but to embellish really means to make something more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features.
These additions can be bejewelling, embroidery, appliqué, crochet or anything that enhances.
The art of appliqué, to my way way of thinking, is like decoupage. You are "glueing" a variety of fabric types onto a surface whether they are printed fabric, lace or embroidered cutout appliqués.
This "glueing" can be glue, sewing or fusible web fabric.

Read further for examples and how-to techniques for each method.
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Top Shirt - here | Bottom Fabric Samples - here
Top Lace Appliques - here | Bottom Embroidered Applique - here
Top Sweater Tutorial - here | Bottom Tutorial - here
Felt shape appliqués are used to transform this sweater.
A helpful tutorial shows how to take a fabric shape, finish the edges before applying to a surface.
Below are two helpful tutorials explaining the application of fusible web, an iron-on cloth that fuses the applique to a surface.

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