Needlecrafts - S/S 2013 Floral Trend - Pt 2

Needlecrafts - S/S Floral Trend Pt2
Trend reports can be looked at in many ways. Some like to follow them literally and others get a sense or spirit of what is being shown.
Colour is one way to capture a trend. In the Etro Collection above, the designer used fabric prints with strong colour combinations and contrasts. An easy way to refresh lace patterns that you like but seem dated is through colour.
Lacework can be very intricate, the openwork really depicting a floral motif. You will usually find this kind of pattern in a very fine guage yarn to show off the complexity of the stitch formation.
On the other hand, lacework can subtly hint at florals and by colour give the idea of spring gardens. Subtle patterns in different weights of yarn give you totally different effects, finer weights usually more dressy as opposed to heavier weights being more casual.

Read further for inspiration, stitch and design ideas as well as free patterns where indicated.
Different colour combinations for this pattern were inspired by designs in the Etro Collection. The garment design is light and lovely as is, saying Spring in neutral off-white.
By recolouring the design you make the end result more fashionable, up-to-date. The fact that handknitting takes time and skill sometimes deters a knitter from making an unusual colour choice, which is why a lot of commercial knitting patterns are shown in neutral palettes.
As you can see, you can take small steps to embrace colour or go bold.
Top Left, Bottom Right Image | Seaside Shawlette - purchase pattern here
Top Right, Bottom Left Image | Dahlia Cardigan - purchase pattern here
Crochet Accents | free pattern here
Pattern Bands | free pattern here
Panel Inserts | free pattern here
Central Motif | free pattern here
The instructions for all of the above patterns are written in Italian, however you will find Italian knitting terms translated to the English equivalents here to help with the terms used in the pattern. You will also find the German and French knitting terms translated to English as well.
Happy Knitting!

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