Needlecrafts - Crochet, Working Around Hexagons

Needlecrafts, Crochet - Working Around Hexagons
Image | Keito Dama 140
Whenever you see a creative design detail used in an unexpected way, you take notice.
The clever treatment of the negative space between the hexagon shapes proved to be most inspiring by opening up new possibilities for linking motifs .
Hexagon motifs are six sided and honeycomb shaped. They can be worked into a solid, lacy or more inticate, layered motif.
There are many lovely patterns readily available for both the beginner and more advanced crocheter.
Traditionally, these shapes were used for afghans or throws with the edges left uneven or half motifs used to fill in edge spaces.
The simple motifs used in this design are smaller with the "holes" in between filled in with contrast double crochet shells or stitches worked over a chain space.
An easy beginning project for this decorative detail could be a scarf or to edge a shrug or cardigan fronts.

Read further for tutorials, free patterns and ideas for working around hexagons.
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Video Tutorials | How to Crochet a Simple Hexagon Motif
Part 1

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Happy Crocheting!

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