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Needlecrafts,Knit, Crochet - Pillow Talk
Inspiration images courtesy | www.the-brick-house.com, www.houzz.com and www.horchow.com
For many of us, summer vacations are a weekend here and there or if we're lucky a week or two at the cottage, somewhere idyllic and quiet.
In my case, the cottage is not ours but within the family there are several cottages. We are very fortunate, indeed, to be invited to enjoy a lazy week or weekend.
Getting caught up on reading and perusing magazines is part of being in a relaxed mode but soon enough one needs a project, small and easily finished.
Pillows are such a project. Useful, they can be colourful and also a welcome addition to a living room or den.
Pouring over decorating magazines always inspires me to make something handmade, whether knit or crocheted to add to my collection of woven pillows.
Handcrafted pillows are very popular and can be pricy so why not make a couple during the summer whether at the lake or relaxed in your own backyard.

Read further for lovely free patterns to knit and crochet including a wonderful vintage pattern. You will definitely recognize the design from either your mom's, aunt's or grandmother's living room. My own recollections were from my aunt's living room where I thought they looked so elegant in satin.
The stitch patterns featured above are described as Navajo but in reality these stitches can made as tribal or ethnic designs.
Colour choices can determine how the finished pillow will look.
The Navajo diamond worked in neutrals will not make the same statement as stronger, bolder colours used in western Santa Fe style decor.
Neutrals with a band of bright can also give the room a shot of colour.
My own preference at the moment are the rich Kilim rug colours or earthy Moroccan shades.
Definitely time to change out some of the tired pillows in my living room.
Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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