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Needlecrafts,Crochet - Cables and Chains
Manytimes we get excited by a new stitch pattern but the style is one that is not flattering or has shaping that we find challenging or don't want to do.
My mantra when knitting or crocheting is "Easy,peasy please!".
Challenging stitch patterns in themselves can be difficult enough without having to figure out decreases for armhole or neck shaping.
When you encounter a pattern you like don't be put off by the style, adapt it to suit your needs and style.
The easiest summer shapes for tanks and tops are the square and rectangle.
Let the stitch do all the work, not you when you show off your next new project.

Read further for easy-to-read stitch symbols, video how tos and different schematics for this exciting stitch pattern. Definitely on my project list this summer.
Berrocco Genoa free pattern | for complete pattern, click here
Video Tutorial | How to Crochet Genoa Cable (Berrocco Genoa free pattern)
Video Tutorial | How to Crochet Ribbing
Video Tutorial | How to Crochet Cables - Front, Back and Crossed Posts
A refresher course for those of you that missed the post Crochet - Aran Style with these very helpful videos.
The videos below demonstrate how to crochet FRONT and BACK POSTS and CROSSED POSTS.
Once you have mastered the concept of posts, all cable patterns will make sense and not be intimidating - I promise.
Inspiration pattern | for complete Berrocco Genoa free pattern, click here
Side to side 2 square inspiration pattern | for complete Side to side knit free pattern, click here
Poncho-style inspiration pattern | schematics only
All the schematics above give you an idea how a pattern stitch can be adapted to another style.
The Genoa pattern is a basic tank top worked side to side with a cap sleeve and shaped neckline.
The second schematic, a side to side tank top, essentially made with 2 squares, eliminates the cap sleeve and the need to shape the neck thereby allowing you to crochet the pattern as it exists.
The third schematic is a style made with 2 rectangles and appeals to those who would like the "poncho' type sleeve.
You can finish this style with a crochet waistband and neckband using a simple double crochet or a crochet ribbing (see video above).
Hopefully these examples give you food for thought the next time you see a stitch you like but not a style that you find flattering for you.
Happy Crocheting!

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