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Needlecrafts,Crochet - Shaggy Coats
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All vintage inspiration images | Pinterest
Shades of the 70's! This style of shag jacket has appealed to me forever and now it's back as you can see by the runway images.
The project is actually very simple. You create a crochet filet base and fringe parts or the entire body.
Each runway design featured above highlights different types and weights of yarn ranging from natural to fancy yarns.
One last thing to keep in mind is the amount of yarn, buy a lot as this project will need it.

Read further for video tutorials, how to suggestions and different ideas for this exciting vintage-style project.
The featured free patterns can be easily modified to accommodate the fringing. Consider areas you wish to fringe whether it is the entire body, just the sleeves, collar or bottoms.
For further inspiration in placement of shag, read an earlier post on Crochet Fur Stitch here
Capelet | The capelet can be crocheted as it exists, fringing on the open rows and working the bottom border or the whole capelet can be modified to the filet stitch pattern and the bottom border eliminated.
Coat | Eliminate the pocket flaps and work the base coat entirely in filet or in parts such as the coat and sleeve bottoms.
Shawl Collar Cardigan | Work just the shawl collar or the entire body in filet.
Raglan Cardigan | Work just the collar or the entire body in filet.
Video Tutorial | How to Crochet Filet Mesh
Video Tutorial | How to Fringe on Filet Stitch
Happy Crocheting!


  1. Thank You, This is wonderful. I love these coats!!!

    1. Hi Deborah,
      These coats are so much fun...and truly everything comes back.
      All the best with any project you decide to do,