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Needlecrafts - Knit-Crochet Fur Stitch Pattern
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Fur Stitch pattern design
Fashion's recent love affair with fur has certainly caused the fur to fly. Whether or not you choose to agree or disagree on this issue, there are alternatives that give the illusion of fur pile.
One such alternative is the loop stitch pattern and working this stitch singly or double, using different yarn types and weights will produce a variety of textures. Loops may remain as loops or cut for a fringe-like effect. Felting the fringe will matt the strands causing yet another interesting texture.

Examples shown above and below the jump illustrate just how versatile this stitch is and how different a look the garment takes on.
Read further for more style ideas, stitch tutorials and video tutorials.
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Headband, Bowtie Collar, Etsy | purchase pattern here
Bolero Image | here
Scarf Image | here
Capelet Image | here
Belted Collar Image | here
Fur Stitch Pattern - Knit Tutorial
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Fur Stitch Pattern - Knit Video Tutorial
Fur Stitch Pattern - Crochet Tutorial
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Fur Stitch Pattern - Crochet Video Tutorial
Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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