DIY - Adding Some Sparkle

DIY - Restyle - Getting Your Bling On
Top Row:
1. Sequin Trim Panel | This is a simple, effective update, layering rows of sequin trim.
2. Fancy Glass and Bugle Beads | The fancy glass beads are very inexpensive and rimmed in "gold". Bugle beads, sewn in a spray, add texture. Hello Prada!
Middle Row:
3. Beaded Rolled Denim Sleeve Cuffs | No written instructions but visual shows project well. Anything goes here, the more variety in size, colour and sparkle is good.
4. Bejewelled Purse Strap | easy and quick project gluing on flat jewel embellishments, encrusting the whole strap.
Bottom Row:
5. Jewelled Beanie | Large Swarovski crystals were used, read expensive. Any different sized pearls, beads or "jewels" can be substituted.
6. Star Studs and Stripes | No instruction for placement on elbow but project is pretty straight forward. Additionally, would highly recommend stitching a liner behind studs on elbow to eliminate scratchiness.
Bling! Bling!

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