DIY - T-shirt Makeovers

DIY - Restyle - Tshirt Makeovers-Art to a "T"
Top Row:
1. Bleach Pen Painting | love the painterly effects you get and really no "mistakes"
2. Stamp Printing | stamp rows, all over, in centre - it all works
3. Spray Paint | no tutorial, just a doily and fabric spray paint will do the trick.
Middle Row:
4. Ombre Dyeing | very effective on prints such as this striped tshirt
5. Marker Printing | using permanent markers to make bold graphic designs.
Bottom Row:
6. Painterly Flowers | no written tutorial, but images are easy to follow.
7. Sharpie Dyeing | bleeding Sharpie Pen ink marks with alcohol.
8. Potato Printing | great way to ease into stamping and printing with kids
We all have basic t-shirts in solid colours or at least black and white ones but sometimes you want to put your own stamp on the t-shirt you're wearing - literally.
There are so many creative ways to personalize your t-shirt with the methods shown here. Try one on, it can become addictive.

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