Style Notes - Bright On Colour

Style Notes - Bright Spots
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One important lesson I learned very quickly (sales figures told me in black and white) was that kids loved colour. They weren't afraid of colour. Well, bright colours are here again, not that brights ever went away, at least not for kids.
Brights and neon brights used in total or just as accents have been popular a few seasons now. What is especially attractive are the brighter pastels, still potent, but not screaming.
Read on to see how you can rethink colour in knitting, add colourful 3D dimension to plain t-shirts and create bright accessories with your kids.
Girl's Aran Pullover | Patons free pattern here
Boy's Aran Pullover | Coats and Clarks free pattern here
Many current retail ads show traditional children's styles reworked in brights and the result is you smile and feel happy when you see these garments.
Yarn companies provide a lot of free knit and crochet patterns for children in traditional styles. It is in their interest to do so as they are in the business of selling yarns.
You can never go wrong with neutrals, but it is so much more fun to knit a small garment in emerald green, candy pink or acidic chartreuse. The two garments featured above are available to download as PDF files.
Embellished t-shirts Gap Kids | Plain t-shirt Old Navy Kids
A continuing trend for kid's t-shirt styles are graphics but to bump up the style, add 3D or dimensional embellishment.
You can approach this type of embellishment simply or over the top, depending on what your child likes or would wear. They can even help in making some of the tulle or felt "flowers".
There are many sites that feature tutorials for crocheted flower patterns (finished crochet flowers can be purchased online), making tulle flower puffs and simple embroidery. It's best to start simply and add on as you go.
Crochet Flowers - tutorial here | Great site as it features step by step technique. As well, this is a very adaptable pattern for making the flower smaller or bigger. The different sizes make the embellishment more interesting.
Tulle Puff Flowers - tutorial here | Learn to create tulle puffs.
Felt Flowers - tutorial here | Learn to make a lovely felt flower for embellishing.
Kids love crafts and making friendship bracelets is a lot of fun. Be sure to have all the materials needed on hand as this is a perfect rainy day or in some cases a "snow day" activity.
Different Felt Flowers - tutorial here | Great site as it features different types of felt flowers. These flowers are ideal for attaching to hairbands or barrettes. A good project for kids to do.
Friendship Bracelets - tutorial here and here | Learn to make a simple friendship bracelet, but the key here is to make many and have an "arm party". This craft is a lot of fun for kids to do.

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