DIY Restyle - Bagging a Man's Suit

Restyle - Bagging a Man's Suit
Handbags are made from just about anything you can think of. There is the recycling of what we consider throwaway materials such as plastic bags cut into strips and then crocheted into a bag or can tops clipped together to make a mesh fabric for totes.
Restyling is huge with belts made into barrel-shaped bags, jeans made into totes and what I found to be particularly interesting, men's suits.
It's a shame to see a good quality suit discarded, a common occurrence when fashion dictates its time for an update and the inevitable weight gain or loss makes it necessary to buy a new one.
All the more reason for a quality suit to be restyled and given a second life.
A variety of rich fabrics including banker's pin stripes are used to make these artistic bags. The Brazilian artist, Edson Raupp sells his impeccably made bags at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, a museum renowned for it's art and design.
Read further for more examples and ideas of how designers have been inspired to use suits in their designs. A French designer illustrates how she utilizes all the parts of a suit to make her bags.
Handbag Images | SewMuchStyle, Etsy
Handbag Images | Poketo Design Studio
Handbag Tutorial Images | Ma Chemise d'Homme
For those of you who want to try making a bag of your own, there are several diagrams which show how Anne-Lise, the designer of Ma Chemise d'Homme uses the parts of a man's suit to make an x-large bag.
Bag yourself a suitbag!

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