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Trendspotting - Graphicmania
Image and trend Info courtesy of Spinexpo New York
Happy New Year to everyone.
This time of year prompts me to think about all the new trends and the fresh possibilities they bring.
It's exciting to try something new, a stitch you've never encountered before or a colour combination you noted and liked. It's all good and gets the creative juices flowing.
One aspect of my job that I loved was attending the Colour Marketing Group Conferences. Groups from every industry and every department you could think of within each of the industries would sit down and collectively agree upon and determine the colour story and trends for the future. To my amazement, the story boards created in each group had similar themes. It was so much fun and you came back to work motivated and re-energized.
Graphicmania is a pattern trend of strong, graphic 70's patterns, particularly in black and white. We've already seen strong patterns highlighted in some collections this past fall. This trend continues into S/S '13 and F/W '13.
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Look for more trend posts in the coming weeks

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