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Needlecrafts - Trailing Leaves Stitch Pattern
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Leaf pattern design
I've always been fascinated with the trailing leaf design, how it puffed out giving a 3-dimensional effect. The weight of yarn also determined whether the pattern would be slightly flatter in a double knitting or totally blown out in a bulky weight.
Examples shown above show just how versatile this stitch is and how different it can look.
Read further for pattern stitches and free patterns.
Images | Pinterest
ideas for the leaf design
There are many ways to incorporate leaf designs: vertical or horizontal panels, individually placed as embellishment, buttonband borders or borders of all kinds and centrally placed designs on garment fronts, backs, collars, pockets just to name a few.
Leaf Buttoned Headband | free pattern here
Leaf Washcloth | free pattern here
Leaf Neckwarmer| free pattern here
Leaf Panel Scarf | free pattern here
Happy Knitting!


  1. Thank you. Love the Leaf Counterpane Sq.

    1. Leaf stitch patterns are really lovely and they take on different looks with different weight yarns.