Needlecrafts - Knit,Crochet - Triangle Scarves

Needlecrafts - Knit, Crochet - Triangle Scarves
Images | Phildar 77
In the movie "Le Divorce", Glenn Close is describing French women to Kate Hudson and their fondness of scarves, to which she adds "A whole chapter could be written about the French woman and her way with scarves."
The next scene breaks into scenarios where you see a parade of women wearing scarves tied in a multitude of ways.
My bulging "scarf department" is bursting in agreement but I believe there's always room for one more to squeeze in.
Shawls have been worn as scarves over the shoulder on coats. A version of this triangle is called a "shawlette", a baby version of the original large shawl.
Tied like a neckerchief, the ends come back to the front, either left hanging or tied into a loose knot.
Tassels of all sorts are being added to the corners and often more ornate ones at the front corner of the triangle.
My preference is the crocheted half granny-style as it adds a bohemian vibe to an outfit, a look I adore.
There are several free crochet patterns available as well as attractive free knit versions.

Read on and be inspired by the decorative tassels and how to make them. Well I guess that wraps it up!;)
Images and free pattern | here
Hanging tassels | purchase pattern here
Shell edging | free pattern here
Bright colours | free pattern here
Fringe ends | free pattern here
Colour blocked | free pattern here
Decorative edge | free pattern here
Garter stitch | free pattern here
Lacy pattern | free pattern here
Please be sure to read complete tutorial-realpurdy.com | here
Happy Crocheting and Knitting!


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  2. Thanks so much for featuring my pattern!

  3. Is there a pattern for the scarf on the cover? Along with the colors of yarn used for the beautiful blues/oranges? Thank you!

    1. The image is from a Phildar 77 pattern book...unfortunately I do not have the pattern