Needlecrafts - Crochet, Border Pattern Scarves

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Border Scarf
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Vintage shows always have an abundance of antique linen, lingerie and handkerchiefs with beautifully finished crocheted edges.
Intricate, lacy edges were made with very fine crochet thread, usually for a bride's trousseau.
Finely worked linens became family heirlooms, were lovingly cared for, repaired and passed down through the generations.
Years passed and yarn replaced crochet thread for baby blankets and afghans.
Skip to present tastes and you find that lace patterns are no longer just for finer yarns and threads. Designers have definitely embraced chunky and bulky yarns for lace patterns.
Scarves are a good way to revisit some of these lovely patterns.
Making two long strips of lace and joining them together gives a feminine touch to any sporty look.
Not all lace edgings have to be labour intensive. Read further and see that some are fun and quite modern.
Happy Crocheting!

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