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Image and free pattern | Ravelry pattern library
PDF pattern (English version) directly from Pierrot Yarns, Japan | here
Nursing a baby in public when done discreetly is no longer such a delicate and controversial issue.
What is horrible are the modesty nursing capes available for this purpose. The capes are large, totally unfashionable and reminds one of the capes they use in hair salons.
By sheer fluke, I came across a practical, yet stylish capelet design from Pierrot Yarns in Japan.
My immediate response was to modify an existing capelet pattern for nursing in public. Remaining stylish, yet practical was the aim.
Really, any circular pattern can be modified, but a great choice is a simple pattern as it can be worked up quickly for a shower.
What a unique gift to present to the mother-to-be. Surely, everyone else will provide enough onesies and diapers.

Read further for an adapted capelet pattern and schematics,free patterns fo more inspiration including crochet, finishing tips and helpful sites.
The free pattern above was an ideal design to adapt.
The pattern itself is minimal as it is very simple. The main changes were to the bottom width, providing more width for ease when nursing.
Another important change was the opening at the side. This opening should overlap a little to provide a "modesty curtain" when breastfeeding.
The edges can be finished as suggested or left alone without any finish, the choice is yours.
For original Redheart Yarns PDF pattern | here
Stocking Stitch Capelet| free pattern here
Crochet Capelet | free pattern here
Lacy Capelet | free pattern here
Ribbed Capelet | free pattern here
There are a lot of capelet patterns available, but there are always adjustments to suit a particular purpose.
Crocheters, you will be happy that I have have included a free pattern.
Adjusting a crochet pattern will be mainly the same as for knit patterns.
Length and width at bottom are the main adjustments.
Working back and forth on circular needles and making an opening or
openings for nursing are also to be considered when making adjustments
to these patterns.
Knowing how to properly finish a garment makes all the difference between a garment looking "homemade" and not "handmade".
The effort of learning how to skillfully seam and block a garment will definitely make the end result a pleasure to wear and build confidence in your knitting skills.
Blocking is well explained and straightforward in Part1 and Part2 in the HowTo section of Knitting Daily
Seaming or sewing a garment together properly enhances a garment's fit, with seams that lie flat and don't pull.
Simple drawings and explanations are provided in KnitSimple Online Magazine
How To Tutorials | Knit Simple Magazine .
Helpful Tutorials | Knitting Daily

Happy Knitting!

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