Needlecrafts - Knit, Basic Pint-sized Cardi

Needlecrafts - Knit the Basics, Child's Cardi
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A simple, yet stylish cardigan is another basic garment pattern that's a must not only for adults but also for children.
A cardigan is the perfect, soft layer for kids. They're comfortable, easy to move in and every child should have these in their wardrobe, just like mommy.
The featured pattern, like the basic cap-sleeved cardi, lends itself to many different types of yarns and looks.
Use up your ends and make a striped style, a tweed for fall and of course cotton.
Also, like the basic cap-sleeved cardi, you are knitting the body in one piece. Easy peasy and a great shower gift.
Choosing different stitch patterns for this simple garment will give the beginner practice with their knitting skills.
If you are a crocheter, finishing all the edges with a scalloped edge or make simple eyelet holes for small buttons.
Read further for schematics, pattern, buttonhole tutorials, finishing tips and other helpful sites.
The schematics or drawing of the garment's shape gives you the dimensions you are to work to. The pattern itself is minimal as it is very simple.
The actual numbers you are working with are based on a standard knitting worsted weight, a weight ideal for a beginner and a good weight across the board for all seasons.
For those more familiar with knitting, the numbers are easy to adapt to double knitting, chunky or bulky weights.
As long as you are getting the dimensions as specified in the drawing, you will achieve the desired results.
For beginners, it is always best to make what is recommended in the pattern first, then experiment with different yarns weights and guages.
Basic patterns are great to have in your library for a number of reasons.
Styles are usually classic and can be changed easily to suit your mood or the look of the season.
The style ideas above are just a few adaptations of this simple pattern .
Have fun in thinking up new ways to make this garment your design.
Read the whole Vogue Knitting tutorial | here
Knowing how to properly finish a garment makes all the difference between a garment looking "homemade" and not "handmade".
The effort of learning how to skillfully seam and block a garment will definitely make the end result a pleasure to wear and build confidence in your knitting skills.
Blocking is well explained and straightforward in Part1 and Part2 in the HowTo section of Knitting Daily
Seaming or sewing a garment together properly enhances a garment's fit, with seams that lie flat and don't pull.
Simple drawings and explanations are provided in KnitSimple Online Magazine
Sites you may find useful for tips on finishing:
How To Tutorials | Knit Simple Magazine .
Helpful Tutorials | Knitting Daily

Happy Knitting!


  1. I am a beginner knitter and I started this beautiful cardigan for my grand daughter. I cannot figure out from the drawing after how many inches from the bottom edge when to start the neck shaping. Best regards, Louise

    1. Dear Louise,
      Look on the pattern for this portion under START
      Work even until work from beginning measures 29(37,37)cm
      [11.5(14.5,14.5)in] ending with wrong side facing.
      Then you START NECK SHAPING...
      I hope that helps and the best of luck with your project..
      I'm sure your granddaughter will love the cardigan

    2. Many thanks for reassuring me Daria. As a novice I was not sure. I saw this sweater in nice little boutique in my corner of the world. It is very much in style for children at the moment.