Needlecrafts - Knit, Boat Neck Style Tops

Needlecrafts - Knit, Boat Neck Tops
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Boat neck styles have always appealed to me as the neckline looks great under a jacket and highlights your statement necklaces.
T-shape tops are boat neck style but have increases for sleeves, thereby looking like the letter "T" .
Another great feature spares knitters the headache of following neck shaping in intricate pattern stitches.
Casting off in a straight line becomes a no brainer, a good thing when you want an easy knitting project or for beginners.
The straight cast-off edge also allows you to add interesting finishes such as lace and ribbon.

Read further for more creative ideas on how to finish shoulder seams of the t-shape top and a basic pattern for the garment.
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The garment highlighted on the first page had yarn lacing on the shoulders, which is fine but there are so many other creative ways to finish your garment.
Zippers are a prime example, especially decorative ones available in neon or with rhinestones.
Grommet tape can be fun with contrasting colours.
Even though many of the examples illustrated are with woven garments, these can be applied to knits and will definitely give a polished look to the garment.
Keep in mind that you want quality ribbons and trim. Nothing says homemade faster than poorly made trims.
But most of all, be brave in your choices - it's those special touches that bring on the compliments.
Sites you may find useful for tips on finishing:
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Happy Knitting!


  1. Hi. love this pattern it looks so easy, but just wondered what the chest sizes were for Small, Medium and Large, and also, thinking of doing this in Double Knit, so how many balls would I need?
    Thank you .

  2. Hi,
    It is always easier to deal with finished sizes as chest sizes really don't give you the total picture. Take your favourite sweater and measure right under the arms to give you the finished size you like.
    Also, keep in mind this pattern was written for worsted weight gauge and needle sizes.
    If you are going to use a double knitting weight yarn, you will have to adjust the number of stitches and needle size. If you are an experience knitter, this shouldn't be a problem. However if you are a beginner or novice, I would suggest you get help at you favourite yarn store.
    All the best with your project,

  3. For the underarm shaping. Can you clarify please. Pattern says Inc 1 st beg of next row. 32 sts. Do you mean cast on 32 stitches?

    1. Thank you for bringing this matter up for clarification.
      To shape the sleeves, you are to cast on 32 sts at the beg of the next 2 rows.
      The pattern has been corrected and updated.
      All the best with your project, cheers Daria