Needlecrafts - Crochet, Quick & Easy Slippers

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Quick and Easy Slippers
Sometimes a lovely gesture warrants a small gift, nothing too elaborate but something that is attractive, wearable and shows you appreciated a friend's or family member's kindness.
There are times when crocheted slippers make an ideal gift.
Perhaps an invitation to the cottage. You can never have too many slippers.
This is something I am very familiar with. The McGuire family "get togethers" are large and not everyone thinks to bring slippers or indoor shoes to slip on when the weather outside is wet and muddy.
There are many styles available that you can make from the simple ballet slipper to
the full blown "ugg-style" bootie.
An interesting way to attach a felt sole is also included should you wish a stiffer and sturdier sole.
Read about several ways to make your slippers nonslip .
Read further for more inspiration, instructions for different styles of your next slipper project.
Green slippers and tutorial images | for complete tutorial and pattern here
Multicoloured slippers | purchase ballet slipper pattern here
Neutral coloured slippers | free slipper pattern here
Lower leftside image | free sock pattern here
Top rightside image | free bootie pattern here
Middle rightside image | free bootie pattern here
Bottom rightside image | free sock pattern here
Top leftside and all rightside images | here
Middle leftside image | purchase slingback scuff pattern here
Bottom leftside image | free scuff pattern here
Happy Crocheting!

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