Needlecrafts - Crochet, Different Joins for Motifs

Needlecrafts - Crochet, Different Joins for Motifs
Image | Katia Yarns
Square motifs, aka granny squares and the like are great building blocks for any size project you wish to tackle. You determine the size of the squares by simply adding more rows.
Whether you want to make a simple scarf or an enormous blanket will be determined by the number of squares you make and the arrangement of those squares.
Making the squares was always so satisfying but the sewing part, not so much.
This is why I'm sure there are many shopping bags filled with lovely finished squares and crocheters overwhelmed with the daunting task of putting them together.
Not only could sewing be tedious, but a finished garment would look heavy with sewn squares close together.
The chaining between the squares gives the squares a lighter look, is much easier, faster and more fun.
These methods are much more forgiving as they don't show mistakes like sewing can. Whichever square motif you pick, the methods shown below are fast, fun and fantastic.

Read further for more design inspiration and stitch patterns.
For complete tutorial and pattern, please read | Purlbee, Classic Granny Square
Happy Crocheting!

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