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Hairpin lace and broomstick lace always made me think of antiquated crafts, like tatting.
Our fascination with vintage has definitely breathed new life into outdated crafts, all with a modern twist.
The appeal of all things artisinal and handmade has opened up the floodgates.
Everything that is old is new again which brings me back to the craft of hairpin lace.
After reading several tutorials and watching videos, I realized how easy this craft was and how wonderful the result when combined with traditional crochet stitches.
Work your way from a simple scarf to a more complex top.
Included is a hairpin look-alike using simple crochet stitches.
Read further for more inspiration, step by step tutorials and a video on how to create hairpin lace.
Make your own Hairpin Loom | DIY instructions here
All images | Verena Magazine
All images | Verena Magazine
Other Excellent Step-by-step Tutorials
1. bynumber19.com

2. stitchdiva.com
Video Tutorial
Happy Crocheting!

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