Needlecrafts - Knit, Wide Rib Pullover

Needlecrafts - Knit the Basics, Wide Rib Pullover
Image | Phildar
Note: This has been adapted from a Phildar pattern originally featured in a bulky weight yarn.
Let's face it, the garments we most often reach for are the ones that are easy to dress up or down.
As much as I like simplicity, there has to be a design element or feature that takes the garment from ordinary to extroardinary.
Wide rib detail on this basic, simple garment visually makes the garment a winner in any yarn.
Several trends really stand out this season. Neon is one that is huge. Store windows are filled with every type of style imaginable, but a little goes a long way.
Why not knit the rib edges in neon and the rest in white or pale grey.
The same can be said for black and white. Possibly just the sleeve ribs in white and the garment in black.
Tweaking is all it takes. Basically speaking, this is definitely a keeper for your library.

Read further for schematics, pattern instructions, finishing tips and helpful sites.
The schematics or drawings of the garment's shape give you the dimensions you are to work to.
The pattern itself is minimal as it is very simple. You are actually knitting the garment in one piece starting at the front bottom edge.
The increases at the underarm will give you a short sleeve which is lengthened with the addition of wide ribs.
By working to the dimensions indicated in the drawing, you will achieve the desired results, however if you are slightly off tension it will not make a huge difference.
For beginners, it is always best to make what is recommended in the pattern first, then experiment with different yarns weights and guages.
Video Tutorial | Picking up stitches evenly along an edge.
Knowing how to properly finish a garment makes all the difference between a garment looking "homemade" and not "handmade".
The effort of learning how to skillfully seam and block a garment will definitely make the end result a pleasure to wear and build confidence in your knitting skills.
Blocking is well explained and straightforward in Part1 and Part2 in the HowTo section of Knitting Daily
Seaming or sewing a garment together properly enhances a garment's fit, with seams that lie flat and don't pull.
Simple drawings and explanations are provided in KnitSimple Online Magazine
Sites you may find useful for tips on finishing:
How To Tutorials | Knit Simple Magazine .
Helpful Tutorials | Knitting Daily

Happy Knitting!

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