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Chain detail adds edge to any fashion accessory. Jewelry has been a good example of this trend.
Necklaces, bracelets and earrings have featured multi-strand chain detail as well as wrapping the chain with colour and texture.
An outfit can be quite simple and tailored but when you add a bit of "heavy metal", you are instantly stylish.
Boots outfitted with chains evoke biker chic, an interesting contrast to more feminine fashions.
For Fall 2013, designers have fallen in love with chain embellishment on bags.
Chains, from straps to trim, are much more varied and can be quite subtle.
Laura Biagiotti has featured beautiful bags that any crocheter can make for fall.
Chains are added as edging to traditional crossbody designs and can be embellished even further with sparkle appliqué work.

Read further for tutorials in wrapping and crocheting around chains and a schematic for a traditional crossbody bag.
Please read read entire tutorial by Kollbora - Crochet on chain | instructables.com
Please read entire tutorial - wrapping on chain written by Kristen Nunez | studsandpearls.com
The steps in the tutorials above are given for bracelets but the steps are the same when working the edging for the bags.
Both wrapping the chain around single crochet stitches or if you join the single crochet to the chain will work when finishing the bag.
Work the piece in single crochet to the dimensions shown.
Fold the bag piece and join the side pieces to the front and back with single crochet.
Attach the chain to the side edges by the wrapping or crochet method.
Cut a chain to the length you want for the shoulder strap and work the middle portion with wrapping or crochet, joining two more pieces of chain to the strap as illustrated in the images of the bags.
Join straps to the sides of the bag by sewing into place or using swivel spring clips available in the notions department of fabric stores.
Happy Crocheting!


  1. ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeah!!! (I'm squealing with pleasure at finding this pattern). Thank you!

    1. I felt the same way when I saw the bags on Style (Laura Biagiotti) :))