Needlecrafts - Knit, Ribbed Top with Yoke

Needlecrafts - Knit the Basics, Ribbed Sleeveless Top with Yoke
Image |ONline Knitting Magazine
Note: this pattern has been adapted from a pattern featured in ONline knitting magazine '07
When choosing a pattern to knit or crochet, there's always that question in my mind, will it be easy to dress up or down? Is it an all-season pattern?
So many stylish, beautiful sweaters are available at reasonable prices that my choice to make a garment has to be classic, but definitely not boring.
The classic and easy pattern above will be one that can be worn in summer either in a fresh white with a white lurex blend for the yoke or in winter in a marl over a plaid shirt .
The idea of being able to slip on a jacket over the top to dress it up or slip it over a tshirt for weekend wear appeals to me.
Hopefully this versatile pattern will appeal to you as well.

Read further for schematics, pattern instructions, finishing tips and helpful sites.
The schematics or drawings of the garment's shape give you the dimensions you are to work to and the actual direction of the garment.
The pattern itself is minimal as it is very simple. You are actually knitting the garment front and back. The yoke is knit separately.
The sides are sewn together and the yoke is sewn to the front and back neck.
By working to the dimensions indicated in the drawing, you will achieve the desired results, however if you are slightly off tension it will not make a huge difference.
For beginners, it is always best to make what is recommended in the pattern first, then experiment with different yarns weights and guages.
Knowing how to properly finish a garment makes all the difference between a garment looking "homemade" and not "handmade".
The effort of learning how to skillfully seam and block a garment will definitely make the end result a pleasure to wear and build confidence in your knitting skills.
Blocking is well explained and straightforward in Part1 and Part2 in the HowTo section of Knitting Daily
Seaming or sewing a garment together properly enhances a garment's fit, with seams that lie flat and don't pull.
Simple drawings and explanations are provided in KnitSimple Online Magazine
Sites you may find useful for tips on finishing:
How To Tutorials | Knit Simple Magazine .
Helpful Tutorials | Knitting Daily

Happy Knitting!


  1. The second picture (of the schematics) doesn't show. Can it be made available again?

    1. Hi
      The schematic for the body is front and back, therefore only 1 schematic. the other schematic is for 1/2 the yoke. The other half is identical. Hope that helps
      All the best with your project, Cheers

  2. Hello, this is a great pattern - thank you for posting. It would be helpful to know how much yarn to purchase? :D
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, This is a nice summer pattern...yarn amounts are tricky due to yarn makeup and yardage.
      I would think that 6, 50g balls would be plenty to make this top.
      In most yarn stores (including Michael's craft stores you are given plenty of time to return unused yarn)
      Good luck with your project,