Needlework - Knit, Cowl Neck Scarves

Needlecrafts - Knit - Cowl Neck or Infinity Scarves
Images - Cowlgirls by Cathy Carron | purchase here at the Vogue Knitting store
Nothing looks or feels more cosy than a soft scarf wrapped around your neck, especially when the winds of late autumn are becoming more chilly.
Cowl neck scarves, neck warmers, circle or infinity scarves, whatever you call them, they keep the cold at a distance.
Wrapped around your neck once or double wrapped, they are accessories adding colour and texture to your jacket, coat or sweater.
The rectangles are easy to knit with edges that can be sewn together making a closed circle or zippered, buttoned and laced together for more flexibility.
The book featured above is filled with creative ideas, a lovely addition to any knitter's library, a great gift idea for that special knitter.

Read on and be inspired by designs featuring different ideas for stitch patterns and closures, how to determine size and 4 free patterns to get started making your chill chaser.
Images, courtesy GiuliaKnit, Etsy | scarves available for purchase here
The scarves above are big enough to become hoods and illustrate different stitch patterns used and closures
Zipper closure, Threadbare Supply Company, Etsy | purchase scarf here
Button closure | Pinterest
Buckle closure, Phillip Lim Pre-Fall '13 | here
Lacing closure | free pattern here
Top image | Pinterest
Middle image | purchase scarf here
Bottom image | free pattern here
Image and free pattern | available here
Image and free pattern | available here
Happy Knitting!

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