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You think of grannies in housecoats that wear scarf turbans but now young women have come to think of this look as sophisticated, exuding old Hollywood glamour. Wearing a turban demands confidence. You have to believe, truly believe, in your look.
Wearing a turban-style headband is still chic but has a younger and fresher look. The headband made of yarn is slightly more casual, can be wide, narrow, knotted, crossed or just wrapped at the front. Add glamourous touches by pinning a brooch to the front or wrapping pearls around the knot.
Quick and easy to make as gifts and ideal headwear in cold weather during the holiday season.
Left Image | frockboudoir.com
Right Image | plumo.com
Left Image | oxygenboutique.com
Right Image | Sew Crafty So Fresh | Free pattern here
Image | Pickles, Norway | Free Pattern here
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