Needlecrafts - Knit, Making of a Swoncho

Needlecrafts,Knit - Making of a Swoncho
Most definitely the poncho is easy to wear. Throw it on and you're good to go and therefore, a good reason to knit one.
Add sleeves and you have an easy sweater poncho or swoncho. What's considered outerwear becomes an essential garment.
The easy shape can be made in a variety of yarns - cotton for the spring and summer to the bulkiest of yarns keeping you toasty in the winter.
This winter, of course was an exception. One had to hibernate to keep warm.
Two basic rectangles with picking up stitches on both sides for sleeves and voila you have a lovely cover-up.
Consider what length and width works for you and whether you want a plain neckline or a built in turtleneck.
Think convertible and make a cowl to throw on top of a plain neckline - the choices are endless
Read further for the schematics and free pattern of basic, simple shapes and be sure to read the past post below for more information and free pattern.

What the heck is a Swoncho? - click on image below for different styles
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